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Challenge Coin

The staff of Rio Vista Elementary School is united in the belief that every child has the right to a college-ready education and that it is our responsibility to generate exceptional experiences and systems that can make that possible.

We evidence our belief through our Rio Vista SPARK.  


  • Student-centered focus:  We seek to promote each student’s achievement through proven practices and systems … using results to get results and empowering each student with skills to succeed.


  • Professionalism:  We model behaviors that lead to success.  We are on-time, prepared, collaborative, and positive.  


  • Advancement:  We generate exceptional practices by pursuing innovation and analyzing outcomes to ensure success and respond to challenges.  


  • Responsibility:  All of us … staff, students, and parents … share responsibility for our student’s achievement.  


  • Kinship:  We care for all members of our Rio Vista family:  staff, students, families.  We work as partners .. together, with a cooperative attitude and positive work ethic.