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Principal's Message


Dear Rio Vista Families,

             It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Rio Vista, “Home of the Leopards!” We are thrilled to serve as your Rio Vista Administrative team during the 2020-2021 school year. With a dedicated, caring, and involved administrative team, staff, parents, and community, we are committed to providing an enriching and rigorous educational experience for every student. We will continue to build a rich academic and social-emotional learning environment where students feel comfortable and safe. As we begin the new school year in distance learning, it is our commitment to ensure the following: DAILY LIVE INSTRUCTION- Teachers will meet daily to connect with their students through online instruction. STUDENT ENGAGEMENT- Re-engage students who are absent for more than 3 school days a week. FAMILY OUTREACH- Connect with families to ensure that students and families have devices and connectivity to participate in remote learning. CONSISTENT PRACTICES- Use of Distance Learning Playbook, EduProtocols, Nearpod, and lesson sequence to enhance and engage students. FEEDBACK & ASSESSMENT- Use of regular teacher and peer feedback to guide and monitor student learning. REPLAY Teachers work with struggling students and provide opportunities to master content.

           Beginning a new year online will be very different for all of us, especially for our new Preppy K and Kindergarten students. Building Relationships is one important layer of support we will seek to provide between students, staff, and parents. A strong school community is critical to the success of every student. Therefore, the activities and work during the first few days of school will be focused on community-building, setting academic expectations, and training students and families on tools for success. Students and parents can also expect a more rigorous educational experience that will include real-time (synchronous) learning and flexible-time (asynchronous) learning. Attendance will be taken and will be important to the daily learning and engagement. Student learning is at the forefront of our day to day work and all programs are provided to students and families alike. Teachers will continue to collaborate and plan lessons that will prepare students to meet our academic expectations. We invite you to be part of our vision for student learning by getting involved in our school community. We look forward to personally meeting you as opportunities arise in our school to build positive parent-school relationships. Please consider following us on our Social Media outlets to connect with us.

With Gratitude


Principal: Mr.Cabrera
Contact Informationjcabrera@pylusd.org

Phone: 714-986-7240 ext 38001
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Phone: 714-986-7240 ext 38003
Assistant Principal:
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